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From the Around the World Exhibition at Artpoint Gallery & Studios 2023

Around the World: A Visual Travelogue

Group Exhibition:

Wishing you could get out and travel? 

Be inspired by artists’ journeys.

This exhibition presents an opportunity to see the world through the creative eyes of artists inspired by their travels near and far. 

I'm taking you on the journey with two of my projection mapping installations.

You see above:  

Dream Away: Projection Mapping room installation. The projections are based on the inspiring paintings of Darlene Lobos. Sculpture by Christine Wignall.


The Traveler: Featuring a sculptured mask by Christine Wignall projection mapping animation and interactive lighting. Have a look into this small box and follow me on my travels.

Traveler the movie

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ChinookBlast 2023
On a Cold Winter Day.
Animation, projection.
Music: M. Kohlstedt DOM


Artpoint Garden Mural
- In cooperation with Jacqueline Huskisson

Hieronymus Bosch's work The Garden of Earthly Delights was the starting point for our mural concept. Gradually there came some other artists and styles that inspired us, a few regional features were added and voila here is our common mural!


Is the theme in two of my newest art installations shown at the  Human Abstract Exhibition at Artpoint. June 2022

With this two multi media installations Flood and Desert