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Into Oblivion
Artpoint July 2023

Into Oblivion is a multimedia exhibition in paintings andpainted 3 D installations, projections combined with sounds and music. 

Exploring themes of forgetting and being forgotten. 

Recapturing memories, revisiting the world of myths and dystopia.

From the Around the World Exhibition at Artpoint Gallery & Studios 2023

Around the World: A Visual Travelogue

Group Exhibition:

Wishing you could get out and travel? 

Be inspired by artists’ journeys.

This exhibition presents an opportunity to see the world through the creative eyes of artists inspired by their travels near and far. 

I'm taking you on the journey with two of my projection mapping installations.

You see above:  

Dream Away: Projection Mapping room installation. The projections are based on the inspiring paintings of Darlene Lobos. Sculpture by Christine Wignall.


The Traveler: Featuring a sculptured mask by Christine Wignall projection mapping animation and interactive lighting. Have a look into this small box and follow me on my travels.

ChinookBlast 2023
On a Cold Winter Day.
Animation, projection.
Music: M. Kohlstedt DOM


Artpoint Garden Mural
- In cooperation with Jacqueline Huskisson

Hieronymus Bosch's work The Garden of Earthly Delights was the starting point for our mural concept. Gradually there came some other artists and styles that inspired us, a few regional features were added and voila here is our common mural!


Is the theme in two of my newest art installations shown at the  Human Abstract Exhibition at Artpoint. June 2022

With this two multi media installations Flood and Desert 

I would like to address changes in weather and climate events relevant to extreme impacts and disasters.  Climate change affects all regions and creatures around the world - 

I am extremely grateful for the kind support for this project from AMAAS.


You can see this installations live at the Human Abstract Exhibition Reception: June 24, 5-8 p.m. at Artpoint Gallery & Studios.

Beautiful Creatures
Exhibition at Artsplace Canmore. April-May 2022

What is a Human? A foot, a head, an eye, a heart... and a lot of emotions.

Join me on an emotional merry-go-round: From loneliness to anger, from fear to joy. All tied together in contemporary paintings, combined with sounds or music, animations, and projection mapping. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is devoted to the representation of BIG FEELINGS, the exploration of tensions with social norms and the human condition by means of fantasy and surrealism. The focus is on individual perceptions and reactions to living in the world today. 

Supported by Calgary Arts Development with the RISE Emerging Artist Program.

The Ghost Monkey
Northern Reflections Augmented Reality
Art Walk In Inglewood + East Village 2022

Before the Hose and Hound became a pub it was a fire station. The painting reflects the history of the building with its ghosts, the monkey or the horse who still haunt the building.

Northern Reflections is an augmented reality exhibition featuring this year 16 teams of artists as a mash-up of music, art, and technology. Murals and music combine with an augmented reality (AR) app to create a one-of-a-kind art experience in Calgary, with a self-guided tour through two of the city’s most vibrant communities.


People's Choice Awards Winner.

Hose & Hound Team: Painter: Doro Buch; Animator; Alyssa Koski @alyssa_koski_artMusic: Jared Andres with @blvd__noir.

Artist Residencies Summer 21

Mural painting at the Women's Center of Calgary:

Four workshops with girls and women at the end of June, thinking of what the Women’s Centre means to us. I took from this workshops my inspiration for the mural design, trying to represent everyone’s contributions in some way.


Over 50 people came during two weeks to help painting the mural.  

"As a result, the garden has been alive with the sounds of women laughing, chatting and creating together – sounds that were so missed over the last year at the Women’s Centre.Women's Centre of Calgary

Bringing paintings to live at the Sparrow Artspace with Jacqueline Huskisson:

During our art month residency  we where working be exploring the potential of animation and projection. Like in a lab we where  sketching and experimenting with slow-motion capture of a “moving painting.” Our goal is to work towards a final projection project that can be used as a guerilla art piece in downtown Calgary. 

Sparrow Artspace