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I paint in oils and acrylics, in small and big formats, in any free minute. My painting process is often like zapping through TV channels - I rotate between multiple paintings and themes each day:

There are portraits - I've been always fascinated by human faces, their expressions and what they reveal about the person. I would sit and study and try to capture what’s essential. Then, tired of painstakingly focussing on details I would go on to paint some fabulous creatures - with a light hand, being free and creative with colours and forms. But don't take them too lightly... there is more behind them than it may seem. That might lead me to paint scenes of my live: experiences, memories, feelings.

Sometimes I end up painting a classical scene, for example a pond - just like Monet but then out of nowhere some strangers sneak in and make themselves comfortable in the middle of the scene. Well, all I can do is to welcome them and then go back to another portrait where things seem to be comfortably clear and predictable... but are they?

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